America in the world of Roma Nova

In summer 2015, I visited the USA and part of Canada. It was seven weeks of hectic fun. In Washington, one of the highlights was a visit to the Library of Congress, specifically the Jefferson Building. It was ‘all kinds of awesome’: the magnificent colourful entrance hall and sumptuous steps, Jefferson’s book collection, an original […]

Subscribing to my blogs

If you have subscribed to this Roma Nova blog, thank you! I really appreciate your interest and commitment. Here you will find info about the Roma Nova thrillers, Ancient Rome, events I’ll be at (speaking and cavorting) and more about the mysterious Roma Nova itself.

If you would also like to read about writing techniques, […]

Yay for libraries!

Librarians Emma (left) and Susan (right)

After the success of the INCEPTIO evening in Pembury Library in 2013, Susan Rogers, the community librarian, had long wanted me to give a talk in the area central library in Tunbridge Wells, so we arranged it to coincide with the publication of SUCCESSIO, the third of […]