Future events

Eboracum Roman Festival
8 & 9 July 2023
Museum Gardens, York
Roman living history camp, family activities, etc.
Author area Book signing and possibly talks(!)
with Simon Turney (battles and emperors), Ruth Downie (Roman doctor & British wife, mostly in Roman Britain), Nancy Jardine (Romans and tribes), Jane Finnis (Roman mysteries & inkeeping), L J Trafford (Palace sleaze and odd emperors) and moi (Roman alternative history and 4th century)


Colchester Roman Festival
29 & 30 July 2023
Lower Castle Park, St Peters Street entrance (Ryegate) Colchester, C01 1HL.
This was how much fun it was last year! https://www.alison-morton.com/2022/08/08/colchester-roman-festival-2022-the-first-one-ever/
Roman events – gladiators, religious blessings, Roman loos, archaeological trust, mosaic making
Meet the Authors’ marquee – talks and booksignings Including Lindsey Davis, Alex Gough, Harry sidebottom, Ruth Downie, L J Trafford and moi amongst others.


International Dublin Writers’ Festival
15-17 September 2023
The Academy Plaza Hotel, Findlater Place, Dublin 1 (Friday & Saturday)
Gresham Hotel, O’Connell Street, Dublin (Sunday)
For writers, both aspiring and experienced. This conference provides practical support, valuable training and an opportunity to get to know fellow writers and industry professionals through online communities.


You can read about my previous speaking experiences.

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