Independent Reviews – CARINA

From David’s Book Blurg – 27 February 2019

Carina is part of the Roma Nova series by Alison Morton. I came late to the series but was instantly hooked in by the uniqueness of the plots.

Think alternative fiction and strong female leads mixed with intriguing and well planned plots.. yeh, you’re on to a winner.

This novella is perfectly suited for someone who hasn’t read the other novels in the series yet.. It’s got the detail to make you want read the rest of the series but there’s noting that isn’t explained that would confuse the reader so it’s a perfect standalone read.

Carina is part of the Praetorian Guard.. she’s young and headstrong.. this can only lead to trouble when tasked with a mission to bring back a traitor. Carina must stay under the radar but things quickly start to go wrong…something smells funny..but can Carina figure it out?

I’m always amazed by Alison’s plots, so believable, perfectly executed..real page turners!

Overall another cracking read from the author who has a very unique setting for her tales, Alison Morton challenges female stereotypes and gives the reader a fast paced thriller which I thoroughly enjoyed.

My rating – 5/5 Stars


Discovering Diamonds Reviews – 23 November 2017

Tucked away somewhere in the middle of Europe on a boundary with Austria is a little-known (fictional) country called Roma Nova. It has been in existence for more than one and a half millennia and was founded by leading Roman families fleeing the falling Roman Empire. Roma Nova continues the old laws, religions and protocol whist maintaining a solid relationship with all countries.

This is the world that Alison Morton has created and Carina is a novella of crisis and corruption within its own Senate.

The Carina of the title is a lieutenant in the Praetorian Guard; she just happens to be the wife of Major Conrad Mitelus and granddaughter of Aurelia Mitela, the second most powerful woman in Roma Nova. So it is embarrassing for all when Carina has to be disciplined for a simple prank. Having served her seven-day sentence, she is sent on a mission to find and abduct a suspected traitor to face charges. With her friend and colleague, Flavius, things go smoothly. To start with…..

This is a fabulous thriller that really cracks along at a great pace and just doesn’t let up from start to finish. It shows that Roma Nova is up to date despite its ancient customs. It is a stand-alone story featuring many characters from Ms Morton’s other full-length novels that span two absorbing trilogies.

There are two things I love about Ms Morton’s ‘world’: one is that it is all so plausible and the other is that Roma Nova has a lot to teach us about the sheer equality of the sexes in this mythical country. The characters are well rounded and, impressively, are fallible.

If you have not encountered Roma Nova as yet, then I strongly recommend all previous six books with this as a good start point to whet your appetite. A helpful brief history of Roma Nova is also included at the end of this novella.

Without doubt, a Discovered Diamond!

© Richard Tearle