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Inceptio Blog Tour LogoINCEPTIO went on a blogtour between 1 and 10 April 2013. Here are some of the reviews:


There’s a little bit of book love going on ….as the cat crept in, and curled at my side, read with me, read with me, softly he sighed …

What a lovely review for this the last day of my blog tour! Thank you Jaffa (and Jo).

“In present day New York, Karen Brown’s daily life is starting to unravel. When inexplicable events shake the very foundations of her world, she at first disbelieves what is happening around her. However, after a failed kidnap attempt, Karen is advised to flee to her dead mother’s homeland, but even as the mysterious Roma Nova offers a sanctuary, it also opens more questions than answers. The action is fast and furious, and soon Karen finds that she is drawn into a dangerous set of circumstances, which will test her endurance to limit and which will force her to question the structure of her belief.

What then follows is a well written and decidedly competent alternate history novel which draws you in from the very beginning and which offers an intriguing look at Roma Nova, a world which has been ruled by women for the past sixteen centuries, and whose secret anonymity comes alive on the page. Alternate history is a fascinating concept, and yet can so easily become a minefield of improbability, where the world within a world being created can become a mere parody of what is real. However, I had no such issues with Inceptio, which thanks to the author’s skill, Roma Nova and its role in the world, soon became a real and very authentic place.

I think that this is one of those books you could so easily miss, particularly if alternate history is not your genre, but you would be missing out on a real treat. It is ideal escapism, with the ingredients of history, mystery and romance expertly combined to form a well balanced and perfectly presented start to a promising series.”


Because This Girl Loves Books

I’ve always been fascinated by Roman history, so I found this new “Rome,” Roma Nova quite the interesting place. Ways of doing things back then were rather different than today’s Western society and I thought Morton did a great job portraying what that would look like today (and the reaction to it). Plus the descriptions of Roma Nova made me want to high tail outta Texas and go to Italy. Soon Jamie, soon.

Morton had plenty of moments where after reading certain things, I had to stop, collaborate and listen because it was a “say whaaaa just happened??” type moment. Always a sign of a good writer who keeps the audience captivated. Plus Renschman is a psycho villain (like BRO CHILL OUT). I mean cray to the third power. But a good villain only makes the heroine that much better.

I will say, during the part where she was kicking butt and off on her own, I couldn’t help but want to slowly raise my hand and quietly ask, what about Conrad? What can I say…I’m a cheeseball romantic on occasion. I won’t give away much more, because you should find out for yourself ;) , but at least I didn’t throw the book in frustration when it ended (I’m still upset with Gone with the Wind. Oh Rhett Butler…).

While this is only Morton’s first published book, she’s a natural storyteller and this fast-paced, suspense novel is the perfect example of that talent. It gets you hooked and rooting for Karen as she searches to find herself, her purpose and love!”