Aurelia Omnibus

Roma Nova, a modern country powered by the Ancient Roman mindset but ruled by women

Aurelia Mitela is courageous, loyal and passionate, but the shadow of her life-long nemesis Caius Tellus hovers over her.

Whether as Praetorian soldier, spy, diplomat in the late 1960s and mid 1970s or imperial councillor in the early 1980s, Aurelia must use all her wits to keep him at bay personally and professionally.

But Caius stalks her, intent on destroying her personal strength which stands between him and ultimate power in Roma Nova. And if her unorthodox lover or her child can be used against her, he will not hesitate.

Includes NEXUS, the companion novella set in-between AURELIA and INSURRECTIO

Over a thousand pages of courage, passion and resistance in four books with 150 five-star reviews on Amazon between them.

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“What if the Roman Empire hadn’t fallen? Alison Morton handles this intriguing premise with her customary panache in AURELIA.” – Ruth Downie
Retrained as an undercover agent in the late 1960s, ex-Praetorian officer Aurelia Mitela is sent to Berlin to investigate silver smuggling, but barely escapes a near-lethal trap. When Aurelia is closing in on her lifelong nemesis, Caius Tellus, he strikes at her most vulnerable point – her young daughter.

Historical Novel Society Indie Editor’s Choice Autumn 2015, finalist 2016 HNS Indie prize, B.R.A.G. Medallion 2015, Discovered Diamond 2016, Chill With A Book Readers’ Award 2017

NEXUS – A novella
A favour for a friend or a bullet in the heart?
Aurelia Mitela is serving as Roma Nova’s ambassador in London. But a spate of high-level killings wrenches her away from helping a friend into leading a pan-European investigation. Badly beaten in Rome as a warning, she is devastated when the killers kidnap her companion, Miklós, and send an ultimatum: Back off or he’ll die. But Aurelia is a Roma Novan and they never give up…

“INSURRECTIO – a taut, fast-paced thriller and I enjoyed it enormously. Rome, guns and rebellion. Darkly gripping stuff.” – Conn Iggulden
Roma Nova in the early 1980s. Imperial councillor Aurelia is frustrated by a ruler is afraid to rule, old laws choking reform and a nationalist movement surging under a charismatic leader who wants to destroy Aurelia on his way to power.

Horrified when her daughter is brutally attacked in a riot, Aurelia rallies resistance to the growing fear and instability. But is it too late to save Roma Nova from meltdown and herself from death at the hand of her lifelong enemy?

Historical Novel Society Indie Editor’s Choice Spring 2016, B.R.A.G. Medallion 2016, Chill With a Book Award Book of the Month February 2017

“A classic tale of resistance and resilience – the only regret is when the action stops.” – Douglas Jackson
Recovering from a near fatal shooting, Aurelia chafes at her enforced exile. Her duty and passion fire her determination to take back her homeland and liberate its people despite her lover Miklós’s desire to protect her. Will she ever see her beloved Roma Nova again?

B.R.A.G. Medallion 2017, Discovered Diamond 2017, Bookmuse Recommended Read, Historical Novel Society reviewed, 
Chill with a Book Readers’ Award 2017

The three ages of Aurelia Mitela

The three ages of Aurelia Mitela

Roman fiction brought up to the 20th century, these stories guarantee noble ideals, passionate love, desperate choices, sacrifice, constant twists and turns and snappy dialogue with a dash of humour in a timeline not so different from our own…

Published by Pulcheria Press  ISBN 9791097310172

Find out about the adventures of Carina, Aurelia’s granddaughter, also available as a box set. She’s just as tough!

Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers –  INCEPTIO, CARINA (novella), PERFIDITAS, SUCCESSIO,  AURELIA, NEXUS (novella), INSURRECTIO  and RETALIO,  and ROMA NOVA EXTRA, a collection of short stories.  Audiobooks are available for four of the series. Double Identity, a contemporary conspiracy, starts a new series of thrillers. JULIA PRIMA,  Roma Nova story set in the late 4th century, starts the Foundation stories. The sequel, EXSILIUM, will be out on 27 February 2024.

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