ROMA NOVA EXTRA – Short stories

“I was expecting intrigue, powerful women, action and excitement as an avid reader of the Roma Nova series, but the romantic element took me by surprise. Here is love: for one’s family, country, potential partner and even a statue. It is touching and moves you when you least expect it.”  –Bookmuse Reviews

“Vignettes are so masterfully worked, that even the sculptures take on a life of their own.” – Kathryn Gauci 

“I was delighted to lose myself in these juicy slices of historical intrigue.” – Amazon reviewer

A collection of short stories from the fourth century to beyond the present

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The Girl from the Market AD 370
Lucius Apulius, a young Roman military tribune, is posted to the back end of empire as Rome struggles to keep the barbarians behind the Danube. There, Apulius meets the fiery Julia Bacausa under most unusual circumstances.

Victory Speaks AD 395
In real history, the disappearance of the Altar of Victory is an ancient mystery.
Victory served as the pagan symbol of Rome’s endurance, the guarantor of the empire’s existence. But as the official imperial cult of Christianity swept all before it, Victory’s fate was condemned to historical  obscurity. In the Roma Novan timeline, Victory herself tells us the story of how two senators and a small child step in.

A Roman Intervenes 1066
Galla Mitela, eleventh century imperial councillor, is sent by the imperatrix under pressure from the Eastern Romans of Constantinople to stop William of Normandy invading Saxon England. Could she have succeeded?
(Previously published as part of the 1066 Turned Upside Down collection)

Silvia’s story  1983
Re-building Roma Nova after Caius Tellus’s tyrannical rebellion is pulling on every Roma Novan’s personal strength and resources. Young Imperatrix Silvia devotes herself to her country, but she’s eighteen, exhausted and lonely. Sent by her councillor, Aurelia Mitela, for a few days’ holiday to the spa at Aquae Caesaris, she encounters a young Italian, Andrea Luca.
(Set just after the end of RETALIO)

Games  (Set just after the end of INCEPTIO)
Newly minted Praetorian officer Carina Mitela and her buddy Daniel Stern, a seconded officer from an allied force, love challenges. Dangerous ones. It’s a game to them. But real life gives them a challenge that is anything but a game.

Conrad and Carina’s Roman Holiday  (Set between PERFIDITAS and SUCCESSIO)
Legate Conradus Mitelus, commanding the Praetorian Guard, doesn’t get out in the field very often. Neither does his wife, Carina Mitela, a newly promoted Praetorian major. But a personal quest from the imperatrix sends them on their own ‘Roman holiday’. With a difference.

Saturnalia surprise  (Set after a few years after SUCCESSIO)
When Carina and Conrad’s son Gillius nearly blows himself up just before the Saturnalia winter holiday, he’s sent to Sextilius Gavro, Conrad’s ‘mad inventor’ cousin. Carina is dubious, having met Gavro in New York nearly twenty years before (INCEPTIO), but she is in for several surprises on the first day of Saturnalia.

Allegra and Macrinus  (Set several years after SUCCESSIO)
Highly intelligent, efficient and dedicated to her career in the military, Carina and Conrad’s eldest daughter, Allegra, is losing her grip on her life. Her introverted character prevents her from acknowledging her feelings for a man she has known all her life, let alone doing anything about it. Macrinus has grown up in the Mitela household. His mother was a comrade-in-arms of Aurelia Mitela during the Great Rebellion and tells him Allegra is out of his reach.

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Published by Pulcheria Press
ISBN 9791097310080 (ebook)
ISBN 9791097310103 (print)



Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers –  INCEPTIO,  PERFIDITAS,  SUCCESSIO,  AURELIA,  INSURRECTIO  and RETALIO.  CARINA, a novella, and ROMA NOVA EXTRA, a collection of short stories, are now available.  Audiobooks are available for four of the series. NEXUS, an Aurelia Mitela novella, is now out.

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