Independent reviews for Double Pursuit

From Jacqueline Brown on 24 October 2021 on French Village Diaries

“Having enjoyed Double Identity, the first book in the Mélisende thriller series, I was looking forward to returning to her action-packed life in Double Pursuit and I wasn’t disappointed.

This book is fast paced from the beginning as Mel and her colleagues continue to investigate the arms smuggling network they attempted to break in book one. In Rome, not only are there dead bodies replacing contacts at each rendez-vous point, but her team are in danger too. In Brussels, she is the one under fire, and as she makes her way to Strasbourg and the south of France, she is being followed. In London, it is only her quick thinking that saves her and Jeff from attack. With her team reduced in numbers and more questions than answers, Mel is in the unusual place of feeling one-step behind a ruthless enemy.

I loved the international chase in this book, and the adrenaline and excitement of not knowing where it would take me, or what would happen next, meant I sometimes forgot to breathe. There was rivalry and hostility, but ultimately cooperation, between many agencies and units, but I was never quite sure who to trust. There is a little bit inside of me who would love to be as fearless, strong and clever as Mel, but I’m not sure I could cope with the adrenaline or danger of her life. For all her strengths and ability to think clearly in a crisis, this book also showed her vulnerability, and the real test came when the enemy targeted her weak spot. I never doubted her, but with a climax so personal, I wasn’t quite sure who would have coolest head at the end of the chase.

This was a great read and sufficiently different to many of my usual books, that it refreshed my mind and awakened my senses. 

If you are looking for a bit of action and a series of books that make you think, I’m sure you’ll love Double Identity and Double Pursuit.”