Subscribing to my blogs

If you have subscribed to this Roma Nova blog, thank you! I really appreciate your interest and commitment. Here you will find info about the Roma Nova thrillers, Ancient Rome, events I’ll be at (speaking and cavorting) and more about the mysterious Roma Nova itself.

If you would also like to read about writing techniques, […]

You don’t want to be alone!

Sitting by yourself, in a spare bedroom, study, or even at the dining room table, and tapping away on a keyboard can be a lonely business. People wonder why you don’t go outdoors on a sunny day or wander into the village for a leisurely drink at the local bar or browse around the market. […]

A new writing critique group where cake always matters

This afternoon, I launched a rocket-fresh new writers’ group.

When I arrived in my new home in France, I eagerly searched out existing groups. Like any new relationship, it takes a while to mesh with established groups, so I went to several meetings, full of optimism and using my best networking and charm skills. I […]