Speaking at conferences - the truth

Whether you’re invited or have submitted a pitch to speak at a conference it’s the same on the day. You have a mass of faces in front of you. You are alone in the arena and the lions are pacing back and forth, tongues salivating. The be-tunicked and be-toga-ed are watching, a smile on their […]

Telling people about your treasure

Having mixed with book people – writers, editors, agents, publishers, literary consultants and commentators – for three years before I published my first book, INCEPTIO, I knew it would be a slog to make it known to the reading public.

Amongst others, Catherine Ryan Howard’s excellent blog gave me wisdom, knowledge and tough love about […]

Take all the free help you can find

Monday mornings I spend a little time catching up on my favourite blogs. Even if I spend an hour of writing time, I always pick up at least three new tips.

Today, from Your Writer Platform I found out about the marvellous editorial calendar for WordPress which I promptly installed. On the Smashwords blog, I […]