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Writing Magazine February 2015_introIt’s a funny time to be pursuing a writing career, but an exciting one.  All authors, apart from the biggest names, need to publicise their own books whether they’re self-published, small press or even big house published.

Writing Magazine commissioned me to write  a piece about how to seek and find recognition in today’s fiercely competitive publishing marketplace.

I set out what I had done and what had worked for me – a ‘how to’ list in very practical terms!

Define your goals and satisfaction levels
How to measure recognition
The seven interlinked tactics
Social media/’platform’
Press/online articles
The inner secret…

Writing Magazine February 2015It was also a good exercise for me to review my own objectives for 2015! I called on writing colleagues to contribute  experience on some of the subjects – a practical example of writers collaborating!

Each author is different with different time and money resources, and can’t do everything, but I hope I’ve planted a few seeds.

Here’s how it starts:

Congratulations! Your book is out! Perhaps it’s the second or third one and your self-publishing career is on track. But are you being taken seriously as a published author and regarded as a professional writer along with your peers? This is one of the most vexing questions for self-publishers today….

You can read the full article in the February edition of Writing Magazine. It’s out now and available at most newsagents.


Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers, INCEPTIO, and PERFIDITAS. Third in series, SUCCESSIO, is now out and Book 4 is in the editing process!

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