Alternate history and steampunk - settling the ambiguity

Steampunk themed photo: Kyle Cassidy

When people ask me about my books, I say ‘Thrillers – alternative history thrillers.’

‘Oh, steampunk, then?’

I gnash my teeth, but put on a pleasant smile.

‘No, actually, they’re adventure stories set in our world, but where history evolved alternatively.’

‘Oh, steampunk, then?’

’No, that’s more fantastical […]

Colour me red…

My Kindle reader has become indispensable. Not only can I download books wherever I am (I have the 3G version), but it’s so easy to use. Slim enough to slip into a handbag, light enough not to cause heart failure when my suitcase is weighed at check-in.

But I’ve been worried about its susceptibility to […]

The 3G Kindle has landed!

I’ve been given a fab birthday present – a 3G Amazon Kindle. Thank you, Steve xx

As a writer, I read a huge number of books; our house is groaning with them. As a plane passenger, it’s agonising trying to sift out the books to take (or, worse, leave behind). As a Luddite, it’s been […]