AURELIA_cover_v.smApologies for the capital letters – I’m not shouting at anybody, I’m shouting out loud to the world.

Today, my fourth novel in the Roma Nova thriller series is published. Am I as fired up as when I published the first one?

Strangely, yes.

Yes, it’s sheer relief to close the gate at the end of a long road of writing, reviewing, editing, honing, tweaking, deciding about cover image, format and page order; receiving encouragement, endorsements and advice.

Yes, I am a little stunned; it’s weird squared because until 2009, I hadn’t imagined I’d have one book out ever, let alone four by 2015.

And yes, I’m poised with readers, gladius in hand, on the brink of a new set of adventures  – the story of Aurelia Mitela. We met her, the tough and reassuring matriarch, as we travelled with her granddaughter, Carina, from INCEPTIO to PERFIDITAS through to SUCCESSIO. But as well as power, there’s always been a sense of isolation, forced self-sufficiency and mystery behind Countess Aurelia Mitela…

Now we’re travelling back to the late 1960s to see how Aurelia’s story began and to discover some of her hidden past…

Long-standing fans know the drill; for new Roma Nova readers, this is the perfect jumping-off point as it’s a completely new three-book cycle within the Roma Nova series. But you may become addicted…

Happy reading!

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Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers, INCEPTIO,  PERFIDITAS and SUCCESSIO. The fourth book, AURELIA, is now out.

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  • Congratulations Alison, I hope you have a fabulous day and I wish you all the best for sales of Aurelia 🙂

    • Alison

      Thanks, Georgia. That’s very kind of of you to comment and I gladly accept your wishes for the best of sales!

  • Congratulations, Alison! We must update your Roma Nova page on TVBC 🙂

    • Alison

      Thank you, Glynis. Yes, must definitely do an update. Will be in touch.

  • Congrats, Alison! I’m hoping there are many, many more adventures from the long history of Roma Nova left for you to write.

  • Congratulations Alison! You can list your book @ also, you can enter your book’s cover there. Much success!

  • Sorry this is a bit late to congratulate you, Alison, but this is my third go, as the other two comments wouldn’t go through. Really thrilled for you on Book 4 and so looking forward to reading it.

  • Publication day can be a bit of a let down – all that hard work of writing and editing, then the pre-marketing…. come publication day the Big Bang can be a small pop… BUT in this case the’pop’ will be the champagne corks. Aurelia is a FAB book (as is the entire series) and will soar to the heights – roll on the TV series!

    • Alison

      Thank you, Helen. AURELIA has been very exciting to write, so I’m hoping readers will be as enthralled as I’ve been, digging around in Aurelia’s back story.