1066 and all that, or not...

Suppose there had been a Roma Novan around trying to intervene in 1066 between Harold’s Saxon England and William’s Normandy? Could she have influenced either of these tough, ambitious and determined men?

No, I’m not veering off and writing a new book – I’m too immersed in drafting RETALIO, Book 6 of the core Roma […]

1960s research and an alternate German federation

1960s fax machine

The most difficult things about writing a story in the late 1960s/early 1970s weren’t the clothes, hairdos, lack of traffic, old fashioned weaponry or spying techniques, but the technology and social attitudes. Mobile phones, laptops and social media just weren’t available. If you wanted people to know something, you put […]

Alternate history stories - personal or grand scale?

Roman-themed stories and alternat(iv)e history stories could drive you to visualise a grand scale; empires lost and won, heroes and heroines fighting in their thousands, declaiming and sacrificing on battlefields and forum, unimagined tragedies and triumphs that turned the world’s, possibly the galaxy’s, history on its face. Epic events with epic challenges and epic poems […]