Day at the Museum

No, not the reverse of the Ben Stiller movie, but a completely self-indulgent day at the Museum of London which is where I took these photos.

Whenever I view Roman rooms/galleries anywhere, I’m always struck by just how much ‘stuff‘ the Romans left behind. Moreover, what we’ve unearthed was what people threw away, dropped, left […]

Eating the Roman way

A boy holding a platter of fruits and a bucket of crab(?) in a kitchen with fish and squid, on the June panel from a mosaic depicting the months (3rd century) CC Commons – creator Sailko

Food is one of the most powerful ways of conveying information about characters. It shows readers not […]

Friends, Romans, Londoners

I visited the Museum of London last weekend, something I hadn’t done for several years. The displays are very attractive, well-labelled and intelligently set out. Rooms had been reconstructed painstakingly following decoration and description from original sites or authors, but the artefacts in them are original. (Photos taken on my phone, so apologies for the […]