JULIA first draft is finished!

The heroine – Julia Bacausa

Oh, the joy and the relief of finishing the first draft of a new book!

Along with a sense of achievement comes a feeling of numbness. You’ve completed the story. No more sitting at the keyboard ready to plunge into the book world and typing to find out […]

How long does it take to develop a story idea?

I’ve been asked many times how I came to think up Roma Nova and the thriller story behind INCEPTIO. When I mention it started when I was memerised by a Roman mosaic at the age of eleven, people are surprised to say the least. The full story is here in a guest post I wrote […]

Writing codswallop

When you begin a new piece of writing, be it article, short story, press release or a 100,000 word novel, you start off with ideas, insights, energy which can sustain you to the end. Sometimes the oomph fades part-way through. Sometimes you start with a dragging reluctance because you have a deadline, a target or […]