NEXUS – Book of the Month!

Well, reviews have been coming in for NEXUS in a very satisfactory way, including from Discovering Diamonds Reviews which specialises in reviewing historical fiction. If you love historical fiction and are looking for good reads by new voices, you’ll find a treasure cave there. Everything is read by well-vetted and, frankly, tough reviewers, so you will only get good quality stories.

I was delighted when Discovering Diamonds emailed me to say that NEXUS had been shortlisted for Book of the Month. Given the competition around, that’s very satisfying.

But today I discovered that NEXUS has made it – honoured as Book of the Month! Bubbly tonight, I think…

The award is shared with Lucienne Boyce’s Death Makes No Distinction and M.J.Logue’s A Deceitful Subtlety – both excellent reads.

Bookbloggers and their review teams are saints. I know they get a book free of charge, but they take the time and trouble to read it thoroughly and then write up their thoughts in a detailed and coherent manner. This all takes time, so their reviews are precious.
Let’s raise a glass to these heroes!

And here’s the Discovering Diamonds Review in full:
“I rarely get time to become so engrossed in a novel that I read it from start to finish in one go. I made the time for Nexus; even if it had been a full-length novel, not a quick-read novella I would have done so. I confess I know Alison Morton, she is a friend, but that has no significance when it comes to reading a very good, very absorbing and very interesting story.

Set between the novels Aurelia and Insurrectio in the Aurelia Mitela section of Ms Morton’s series of thriller adventures, Nexus is an entirely stand-alone read and is as superb, gripping and thoroughly believable as is the rest of the series.

‘Believable’ is the key word here. The whole background concept for the series is entirely imaginative fiction: there is no such place as Roma Nova, its construction, its history, its people its politics – it’s trials and tribulations do not exist. Apart from ‘What did Rome do for us?’ (roads, sewers, baths, etc.) Rome, the Rome of the past did not survive much beyond the fifth century AD, but Ms Morton has turned that fact totally on its head by creating an alternative present-day world with its people, politics and events. Roma Nova, is a small patch of ancient Rome snugly fitted into today’s modern world, complete with its traditional language and customs. A world that is so utterly believable and convincing, I defy anyone to not go looking on a modern map to see where Roma Nova is located.

It is the preciseness of detail that puts the icing on the cake for these novels, and Nexus in particular. From the very first sentence, with her immaculate research and knowledge of army intelligence and tactics, the author brings every scene, every character, every word of dialogue to very real and very vivid life. From the way they dress and speak to the way they fight, every scene is immersed in believability: the training of a young horse, self-defence in a sticky situation, the lurch in the stomach as a helicopter takes off… beautifully written.

Add in the thriller element of the bad guys, the menace of dark shadows, murder and mystery and you get a page-turner of the very highest exceptional quality.”



Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers –  INCEPTIO,  PERFIDITAS,  SUCCESSIO,  AURELIA,  INSURRECTIO  and RETALIO.  CARINA, a novella, and ROMA NOVA EXTRA, a collection of short stories, are now available.  Audiobooks are available for four of the series. NEXUS, an Aurelia Mitela novella, is now out.

Download ‘Welcome to Roma Nova’, a FREE eBook, as a thank you gift when you sign up to Alison’s monthly email newsletter. You’ll also be first to know about Roma Nova news and book progress before everybody else, and take part in giveaways.

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