RUBICON – 10 acclaimed authors, 10 Roman stories


STOP PRESS! Rubicon is now a ‘Discovered Diamond!’

“An engrossing mix of style, pace and subject: political, warfare, greed, sacrifice, alternative, mischief, humour… ”

A few months ago, I was invited to join a writing project organised jointly by the Historical Writers Association and Sharpe Books. Yesterday the result, a collection of ten fabulous stories of Ancient Rome, was published!

Now, a number of my fellow authors are old friends and their books are already on my bookshelves or my Kindle; total joy to read their familiar characters’ mini adventures. But through this new collection, I have discovered new authors and thus new windows into different aspects of the Roman world. I can’t wait to read more of their stuff!

Ebook: Amazon UK    Amazon US
Paperback: Amazon UK   Amazon US 

So what’s in Rubicon?
Soldiers, statesmen and spies, not to mention pioneers, palace shenanigans, politics in Britannia, pirates, battles, faith, greed, sacrifice and the lives of ordinary – and extraordinary – Romans, such as Ovid, Marcus Agrippa and a young Julius Caesar, and imaginary ones like Roma Nova’s founders Apulius and Mitelus.

Plus, an exclusive interview with each author – why write and why Rome?

Ancient Rome from the Republic through to the dusk of Empire, but as ever, it’s all about the people who were so different, yet so like us.

Authors & Stories Featured in Rubicon:
Nick Brown – Maker of Gold
Gordon Doherty – Eagles in the Desert
Ruth Downie – Alter Ego
Richard Foreman – A Brief Affair
Alison Morton – Mystery of Victory
Anthony Riches – The Invitation
Antonia Senior – Exiles
Peter Tonkin – The Roman
L.J. Trafford – The Wedding
S.J. Turney – The Praetorian

Where can you buy Rubicon?
Available as an ebook from Amazon UK    Amazon US
Paperback now out: Amazon UK   Amazon US


Praise for Rubicon
Rubicon is a declaration of intent to intrigue, inspire and entertain. For me, this collection of stories extols the camaraderie that exists amongst the historical fiction bother and sisterhood. It perfectly encapsulates a shared passion for the subject of Rome in all its abundance and varied manifestations, taking the reader on a guided tour through the familiar and the strange. Leading us wide-eyed through a genre which has never lost its lustre.

This is the fiction equivalent of a box of chocolates, a celebration of diverse Rome stories drawing upon all the riches of that most extraordinary and enduring of civilisations. It is a treasure trove of tales, showcasing a wealth of talent.

I have been entertained by authors whose work I know and love, and I’ve discovered new voices too, writers whom I look forward to getting to know better. Indeed, if the purpose of this collection is to delight, distract and to whet the reader’s appetite, leaving us eager for more, it is a resounding success.

Rubicon is a rare treat which I thoroughly enjoyed. I don’t know what the official collective noun for Roman short stories is, but in this case I think it’s a triumph.” Giles Kristian.

So you know what to do…


Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers –  INCEPTIO,  PERFIDITAS,  SUCCESSIO,  AURELIA,  INSURRECTIO  and RETALIO.  CARINA, a novella, and ROMA NOVA EXTRA, a collection of short stories, are now available.  Audiobooks are available for four of the series. NEXUS, an Aurelia Mitela novella, will be out on 12 September 2019.

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