Robert Harris, one of the inspirations for Roma Nova’s existence

When I first picked up Robert Harris’ Fatherland in my local independent bookshop in 1992, I was fascinated by the concept of ‘what if Nazi Germany had won the war?’ What would have been the alternate path of history?

Fatherland was intrinsically a political thriller. In 1992, the whole of Europe was attempting to realign […]

Ben Kane and A Day of Fire

Today, I don’t have one special guest but six! My writing friend Ben Kane has been working with a group of other historical authors to write a collaborative novel in six stories. This venture could have been as risky as the eruption of Vesuvius, the volcano at the centre of their story, A Day of […]

Off on the road to Rome...

When I recommended The History of Rome (THOR) podcast last December I had no idea that I would be joining the official THOR tour which starts in 10 days, on 24 February.

I was listening to the regular podcast, wishing I could be there, but the application date had passed and I hadn’t any pennies […]