A tale of two trilogies

One day I decided to write a book of high adventure set in an alternative, modern Rome, including a hunky hero, but with the story driven by a young woman who transformed from a prickly twenty-five year old nobody into somebody she’d been waiting all her life to become. She, Carina, went on in the next fifteen years to battle betrayal and a particularly nasty nemesis while finding a passionate love that didn’t always run very smoothly.

INCEPTIO                    PERFIDITAS                     SUCCESSIO

Then I became fascinated by this girl’s grandmother, Aurelia, a senator, imperial councillor and ‘elder stateswoman’ in the first three books, but who in her youth had served as a crack Praetorian officer and played a pivotal part in Roma Nova’s fight back from a bitter rebellion.

AURELIA                      INSURRECTIO                      RETALIO

Both were intended to be single books.

Well, you know what happened. There was just too much story, too much history and too many layers and aspects to these two heroines and the challenges to contain in single books. So this is why were have six books of two trilogies.

And, having the two distinct sets of books within the one series means that you can start reading about Roma Nova in  the second trilogy without missing anything by not having read the first trilogy! AURELIA is just a good a starting point as INCEPTIO. Of course, I hope you would go on to read the first trilogy as well. 😉

But my next book will DEFINITELY be a single one.


Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers INCEPTIO, PERFIDITASSUCCESSIOAURELIA and INSURRECTIO. The sixth, RETALIO, came out in April  2017. Audiobooks now available for the first four of the series

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