A box of books - INCEPTIO arrives

Today, twenty minutes after I had finished a lunch with an amusing, gregarious and fun group of women from the local area, a white van drew up outside our gate.  A man in a red fleece with yellow logo opened the back doors. What was it? It couldn’t be the delivery I was longing for? No, that was due Saturday or Monday at the earliest. Then I saw the box in his hands. I flew down the path, tore open the gate. The box label said from DHL. Juno, it was the books!


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  • Yey! Congratulations, they look fabulous, Alison! xx

    • Alison

      Thank you, Claire. I did a little dance around the kitchen!
      It means so much to me to have friends’ support and to be able to share in the excitement. But your launch is very soon 13 Feb, I think. I bet you can’t wait!

  • You must be so pleased! The cover looks beautiful

  • Covers of books are so important! Yours look lovely! The Imperial purple, I presume! Good luck with this! Looking forward to doing a bit of promo for you!

    • Alison

      Yep, I specified Imperial purple as the main colour and the eagle goes without saying but it’s the modern treatment of the image I love. SilverWood designers really pulled out the stops for me. And the cream inside and interior design are top-notch.

      It gives you enormous confidence to have a good-looking, beautifully produced book to sell.

  • Congratulations Alison-how exciting! Best of luck with the launch.x

    • Alison

      Thanks, Anita. Beyond exciting. Just handling the beautiful covers is a fantastic feel. It makes you a tad incoherent. Whe your book is published, you’ll know what I mean.;-)

  • silverwoodbooks

    I’m so pleased to read your post and I love the pic! It’s always a bit nerve-wracking for us when authors receive their first print run (“Will they like them…?”). Your reaction is fabulous. I feel really excited for you 🙂


    • Alison

      Thanks, Helen. You and your team have been so, so good. The book is gorgeous. I’ve run out of words, really. 😉 The ones that express it best are quite simply, thank you.

  • Alison

    I have been a bit overwhelmed by reaction and my author page on Facebook is flooded out with good wishes.
    Over 420 people have seen it!

  • Lovely pic, Alison. What a moment that is! I hope that you have many more of them.

    Liz X

  • Alison

    I was so thrilled, Liz. Everybody who has held the book loves the look and feel of it. It might sound soppy, but I have the sensation of sharing something lovely with people rather than merely flogging them a book.

    I may become more grounded, but for the moment, I’m still floating a metre or two above the Earth’s surface.