Summer vacuum (or the time of little writing)

Hooray! Summer is here; warm, lazy days, extra wine, days out with the family and friends, a holiday away, mmm.

But you still have a deadline looming, your fans are waiting, your muse is bashing away in your head with fantastic scenes you simply must write. And then you are speaking or attending conferences and […]

Surviving the emotional foot-stomp on creativity

The renowned Nicola Morgan, famously proud to be the first Google result for “Crabbit Old Bat” and an award-winning author of around ninety books, never fails to offer diamonds to aspiring writers. Frankness and occasional brutality are her hallmarks. But she’s usually right.

So, in my morning scan of blogs, I found her post today […]

A blog vacuum

Confession time.

I wrote my last two blog posts on 26 April, posted one straight away and scheduled the last one (with chocolate!) for three days later. Many bloggers do this so that when they put fingers to keyboard and inspiration flows from brain down arms and into fingertips, they don’t end up flooding […]