A blog vacuum

Confession time.

I wrote my last two blog posts on 26 April, posted one straight away and scheduled the last one (with chocolate!) for three days later. Many bloggers do this so that when they put fingers to keyboard and inspiration flows from brain down arms and into fingertips, they don’t end up flooding the blog with a load of new musings in one hit.

But on 28 April, a massive event intervened which slammed all blog writing against the end-stops. We exchanged contracts on our house. After a trail of buyers with broken chains, we achieved sale of our lovely house with buyer number seven. Numbed doesn’t describe it. We were shocked into total inactivity to have arrived at this point. At last.

Recovering, we  unearthed the long lists and big spreadsheets and the magnum opus of address changing, chucking stuff out and packing started.

I’ve tinkered with my work in progress (draft of third book) and sent off another submission to an agent for my first, read and commented on a few blogs and Twittered, but I haven’t been able to lock myself away all day and write. I am experiencing appalling withdrawal symptoms…

So apologies today to my readers for the gap and future apologies for future gaps in the next few weeks.

Must try harder…

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