Thank you, Conn Iggulden

With Conn Iggulden

With Conn Iggulden at History in the Court September 2015

You may have read how infected I’ve been with the fascination for Ancient Rome since at least the age of eleven. I’ve clambered over Roman Europe ever since, dragging members of my family along ancient cobbled roads, up towers and aqueducts and into theatres and arenas. But sharing this thirst/lust/obsession with similarly-minded is a joy.

I love being a Roman writer and being seen as one. I’ve talked concrete, medical procedures, ball-bearings, legionary foot problems, gladius design, Republican virtue, tactics at Cannae, fictitious handshakes, Apicius’s cookbooks, imperial women,  informers, sea trading and the cursus honorum with the best of them. And most recently after a visit to Roman Exeter, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Ruth Downie, AURELIA’s endorser.

Writing is another obsession, an isolated act done in a secluded room. However, you need a team of colleagues and informed supporters to give feedback (brutal and kind), advice and encouragement. Little inspires you more than receiving praise from those in the same field. So I was delighted when Roman fiction writer and adventurer-in-chief Conn Iggulden agreed to read INSURRECTIO. We’d met up from time to time and shared the odd glass of wine. He is such a genuine guy and we had illuminating conversations about thrillers, Romans, heroines, alternate history and the joy of writing.

As the writer of some of the most vibrant and exciting historical fiction around today (and the Dangerous Book for Boys – a close connection there), Conn needs no introduction; but here are quick links to him and to his books.

I want to thank Conn publicly for taking such an interest in Aurelia’s battle against rising tyranny and in providing me with a terrific endorsement  to sit on the front cover of INSURRECTIO – praise from him is gold indeed.

“INSURRECTIO – a taut, fast-paced thriller and I enjoyed it enormously. Rome, guns and rebellion. Darkly gripping stuff.”

Conn – gratias maximas tibi ago!

And here are my thanks to EM Powell, Douglas Jackson and Elisabeth Storrs
Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers, INCEPTIO, PERFIDITASSUCCESSIO and AURELIA. The fifth in the series, INSURRECTIO, will be published on 12 April 2016.

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  • It was great to have him read INSURRECTIO (so cross automatic keeps adding an ‘n’ on the end of your title. Finally managed to remove it. Grrrrr!), and story is well deserved for famous author’s endorsement.

    • Alison

      Support from colleagues is essential and also very wonderful.
      And the automatically added ‘n’? You and Amazon both. 😉 But we got it sorted out