SilverWood Selection Box - A selection of tantalising tasters

3rd April logoBelonging to a group of authors not only means you enjoy the company of colleagues, but it improves your writing. I belong to several groups and associations – you’ll see some of the logos below – but one I treasure is the community of SilverWood Books authors.

The genius of Helen Hart and her team at SilverWood Books of fostering the community is remarkable, especially in a commercial business in the independent publishing sector. And now in support of their authors, they’ve brought out the first of their selection boxes – a real ‘try before you buy’.

Of course, it showcases SilverWood Books, but for authors, it highlights their work in a compact, easily accessible way – ‘A blend of fiction and non-fiction to introduce the reader to new “good reads”.’

The extract from INCEPTIO is when Karen realises something very powerful is ranged against her:

I stared at the screen. I felt like I’d been struck in the face. This couldn’t be happening. I wasn’t a terrorist or criminal. Sure, my mother had been born abroad, but she’d been dead for twenty-one years. My father was born in England but had been a naturalised American for nearly two-thirds of his life. He’d even been decorated for war service in North Africa. That kid being pissed at me couldn’t have gone this far, could it?

I started shaking.
God. What else could these people do to me?

I’m proud to share this new ebook of delicious tasters with fellow authors including:
Anna Belfrage, Helen Hollick, David Ebsworth, Lucienne Boyce, Edward Hancox, Adrian Churchward, Sandy Osborne, Michael Brown and Harvey Black.

Where can you obtain this box of tantalising tasters?
You can buy it on Amazon for 99 pence/cents, or you can download the .Mobi file for Kindle (12Mb) for FREE!
iTunes UK, iTunes US – Free
Kobo  – Free
Or download the EPub file here (8Mb) FREE

SilverWood Books February 2015

Now in the true SilverWood tradition, some of us who have written the books featured in the selection box are having a shared blog hop on 3 April to showcase it:

Alison Morton:
Helen Hollick:
Anna Belfrage:
David Ebsworth:
Lucienne Boyce:
Michael Brown:
Adrian Churchward:
Edward Hancox:


Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers, INCEPTIO,  PERFIDITAS and SUCCESSIO. The fourth book, AURELIA, is due out in May 2015.

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