INCEPTIO shortlisted for book award!

INCEPTIO has been shortlisted for the International Rubery Book Award. There, I’ve managed to type that correctly with trembly fingers. It’s so exciting!

Here’s an extract from their site about the award:
“The Rubery Book Award is the longest established book award based in the UK for independent and self published books. The key to our success is having a keen eye for quality from distinguished and reputable judges.”

Back to the tenterhooks waiting for the winner announcement…

STOP PRESS: The winners have been announced today (27 July 3013) – congratulations to them! Although INCEPTIO didn’t gain a prize place, the judges wrote a lovely review:

This science fiction thriller is set in an alternative world, where modern New York resembles our twenty-first century New York, but Europe has been redrawn. Roma Nova was set up sixteen centuries ago by Roman exiles and it operates under a matriarchal system.

Karen has her life interrupted by an unfortunate set of circumstances, and as a result, finds that life in America is not as free as she had originally believed. She is forced to flee to Roma Nova, where her mother came from, and is pursued by a frightening government enforcer.

The nail-biting action is handled with expertise, never losing pace as Karen takes on rigorous training and becomes a force in her own right. It convincingly combines the atmosphere of ancient Rome with modern reality and technology and is a promising beginning for a series.


6 comments to INCEPTIO shortlisted for book award!

  • Jessica Bunsworth

    Congratulations! Really enjoyed it – good to see it getting the recognition it deserves!

    • Alison

      Thanks, Jessica. Glad you enjoyed INCEPTIO!
      Am on tenterhooks for the final decision. 😉

  • CONGRATULATIONS from the other SilverWood Books shortlisted book. It is great to be on the list with you. I looK forward to reading INCEPTIO.
    Harriet, author of ‘CELLS’

    • Alison

      Thanks, Harriet. It’s an honour to have got so far and a great boost for us both.

  • What a lovely review, Alison. You did brilliantly to get a far as you did. Congratulations, again.

    Did Tim Griggs get into the first three?

    Liz X

    • Alison

      Thanks, Liz. I’m delighted to have got so far.

      I believe Tim was placed. If you click on the shortlist hyperlink, you’ll get the full results.