What did I learn from preparing Book 2?

Roman IILast Thursday, I finished the edits on the second Roma Nova book, PERFIDITAS.  SilverWood Books’ editor made some excellent recommendations and sparked off other ideas that I incorporated in the final, final edition. Good books go through many revisions and edits, but at last it was done.

So how was it for me?

1. Strange – utterly unlike when I sent INCEPTIO off in January
The first book was highly exciting and very frightening – a combination of sitting at the top of a rollercoaster and the first day at school. That will never come back and in a way I’m glad. I savoured the whole time and worried about getting everything right. While I’m no expert and still need a guiding hand, I know what’s coming and can prepare things in advance.

2. Aware of needing to meet readers’ expectations
Terror again, but thanks to their willingness to write thoughtful reviews on Amazon UK, Amazon US, Waterstones and Goodreads, I have an idea what readers like and want. Blogtour hosts have written detailed reviews which have been insightful and thus valuable for future books. Many readers have been kind enough to discuss in detail what they liked about INCEPTIO and what they would like different in future books. Gold dust for any author! I write from my heart and my restless mind, but this time with the enormous benefit of feedback.

3. Head-mixing
I’m still promoting INCEPTIO – it’s only been out three months and I’m still hoping it’ll become a best seller – but I’m thinking forward about promoting PERFIDITAS. Very confusing. This is something that much more experienced authors have learnt to take in their stride. Perhaps by book four, I’ll be used to it. 😉

So, new lessons to learn. I’ll let you know how I get on…

4 comments to What did I learn from preparing Book 2?

  • Have just finished reading your first book and looking forward to the continuation of the story in the second book. I would, however, like to ask how many book on Nova Roma you envisage. I started reading a series – The Eden Project – and by the time I had reached the book three I felt the story should start to draw to a conclusion. That didn’t happen and the forth book – after a wait – was published. Conclusion – no there is to be a fifth book and goodness knows when that will come out. So how long will Nova Roma continue do you think ?

  • Alison

    First of all, I’m so glad you enjoyed INCEPTIO.
    As you saw above, number two, PERFIDITAS, is on its way. The first draft of number three is complete and I will be reviewing and editing that in in the new year and I am now fifty thousand words into the fourth book. I have plenty more stories up my Roma Nova sleeve…

  • Crikey, Alison, you have been busy! But as I always say, the best way to sell more books is write more books! Looking forward to reading Perfiditas – and I for one have definitely not had enough of Roma Nova yet, so please keep them coming! 🙂

    • Alison

      I drafted PERFIDITAS eighteen months ago and had self-edited it (several times!) before I sent it off to the professional editor, so it was nearly ready to go. Really looking forward to launching it this autumn.