The big reveal - Inceptio book jacket

Inceptio lo res jacket

SilverWood Books certainly pulled out the stops for me.

10 comments to The big reveal – Inceptio book jacket

  • glynissmy1

    Wow, a fantastic cover!

  • Alison

    Thanks, Glynis. I am thrilled by it. The word ‘stunning’ is overused, but I *was* stunned when I clicked to open the email from SilverWood and saw the first proof.

    Beyond anything I could have wished for.

  • Very, very nice. Striking, and gives a good indication of the period. Like it a lot.

  • Alison

    Thanks, Carol. The fun part was bringing the Roman theme together with the modern setting. The designer cleverly inserted the modern street scene behind the title and my name.

  • Susie Vereker

    Great cover, original too

  • Alison

    Thankyou, Susie. Much appreciated.

  • Love it! Very intriguing.

    • Alison

      Thanks, Paris. I love the clean lines and the rich effect of the shadowing. I specified imperial purple for the main colour with gold lettering and the designer has exceeded herself.

  • Great cover. Unusual and very classy.

  • Alison

    Thanks, Carol. The SilverWood Books designer is a genius, IMHO! And now I have the book in my hands, it is even better. Hope to be able to show you at a future meeting or perhaps you may buy one on 1 March and see for yourself. 😉

    Now you’re at the covers stage, you’ll be experiencing the same surreal, but thrilling, feeling of your work reaching the next part of its journey.