In Mslexia – national (and international) fame!

Shortly after Military or Civilians? was published, Danuta Kean invited me to submit a short piece for the Mslexia magazine’s spot called How I Did It. In a bit over 200 words, under headings The Book, The Long Haul and The Advice, I outlined the experience of publishing my ebook.

A frisson of excitement rose up through me when I clicked on the link to access the latest issue and one of delight when I turned to page 57 to see my words “in print” in such a prestigious magazine (I’ll scan it for next post.).

I want to thank Danuta and Mslexia magazine for including my book, but I also want to say that Mslexia is a great few bob’s worth and even more so when you subscribe.  Tagged as the magazine “for women who write”, it’s serious without being po-faced and accessible to unpublished and unpublished writers.

it’s given me ideas and information, so a great resource, but above all, it’s made me think about aspects of my writing that I hadn’t thought of before.

And that’s a good thing for any writer. A very good thing.

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