I wrote my first car chase!

Not a big scene, but which framed a confrontation, added a little pzazz as well as demonstrating my heroine’s hot temper.

As we cruised along the peripheral at max speed limit, setting citizens a good example, a silver Mercedes flew past us, cutting us up. We weren’t traffic cops, but I was incensed. I looked at Sentius, he pulled out the blue light, activated the roof clamp and siren. I floored the accelerator. Tyres squealing, I spun the wheel hard to the left and pulled my Giulietta out into the outside lane. A dark SUV braked to get out of the way. I rocketed around the long curve before the river crossing, weaving between vehicles that didn’t get out the way of the blue light.

We were catching up fast.  The curve straightened out and we barrelled towards the Pons Apulius. The huge cable-tied bridge rushed towards us as the speedometer showed 130 kph. We drew abreast of the Mercedes. I eased the Giulietta relentlessly to the right, the rotating blue beacon reinforcing the message the front wing of my car was conveying. The Mercedes slowed and pulled over to the kerb right in the centre of the bridge.

Sentius hopped out, ran back to place with the flashing blue road light behind the Mercedes. He took up position nearside kerb, nightstick ready. I peeled myself out of the Giulietta, my hand on my holster. I rapped on the driver’s tinted glass window with the Furies behind me.

‘Open this bloody window. Now.’

All those years of watching Top Gear have at last come in handy…
Comments always welcome 🙂

2 comments to I wrote my first car chase!

  • Very nice! What I especially like is the Giulietta (even if Clarkson doesn’t). Will that be a vintage model, or a brand new one? The latter, I’m guessing, to keep up with a Merc!

  • alison

    Thanks, Kate for your comment.

    Brand new Giulietta! Has to be a sassy girl’s car, one she’s proud of and which has a lot of wellie.

    Clarkson? Well, he’s entitled to his opinion… Just.