Helpful books

I think I’m getting the hang of this WordPress blog (Okay, I hear the experts and cynics laughing, but at least I’m trying…).

I’ve created a new page today called ‘Writing and publishing books’ which lists some of the books I’ve found useful so far in my novel writing. Just click at the top right under ‘Pages’. No doubt I’ll be adding to it, but this list is a start.

Back to the Work in Progress…

2 comments to Helpful books

  • Great blog, Alison and I couldn’t agree more regarding the importance of good writing buddies.

    Wonderful to hear about your successful NWS submission and I look forward to seeing your book in print shortly!

  • alison

    Well, getting it re-written/tidied up for my writing buddy, Denise, to look through in new form. Now I have to write the proposal…