AtomsplittingSo, split the atom time. Well, as I’ve created two blogs out of one, it’s more a case of splitting the byte.

Being an author today means developing entrepreneurial skills, especially marketing ones. I’m not talking about selling – although that’s ultra important – but about making people aware of your book’s, or books’, existence. It’s a slippery concept, marketing, but for me it means setting out your wares, and creating an environment that supports that.

OldsiteMy website, originally Write A Novel? I Must Be Mad! had one main theme – a newbie’s adventures in writing-and-publishing-land, peppered with the odd post about Rome and alternative history. When my first book, INCEPTIO, came out, I changed it to Alison Morton’s Roma Nova and added in stuff about my books.

Now with the fourth book, AURELIA, on the way, it’s time for another change. I asked for specialist advice. Reading the report (with a slightly sinking heart), I had to acknowledge that Alison Morton’s Roma Nova was too fuzzy and cluttered. People looking for my books got a raft of writing topics; others looking for writing and publishing kept getting Roman and Roma Nova stuff.

So I seized my own site-splitting machete to create my own ‘point of divergence’. And as in all alternative history concepts, there will be no going back. Readers need focused information from a dedicated and navigable site, so I made two.

On Alison Morton’s Writing Blog you’ll be able to find my posts about writing, independent publishing, marketing, fabulous guests, research, author-entrepreneur skills, writing life and events.

The darker Alison Morton, Author of the Roma Nova Thrillers  (this site) features my books, plus photos and posts about Rome, alternative history and Roma Nova. And I have a very serious photo and tough new bio


Alison Morton is the author of Roma Nova thrillers, INCEPTIO, and PERFIDITAS. Third in series, SUCCESSIO, is now out.

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2 comments to Site-splitting

  • It can only be good news that your writing career has advanced so much that you need to make that split! I love the new brooding, imperial purple Pont du Gard – I think it was that photo that first caught my interest in your work after I’d just come back from holiday in that part of France, where there are so many Roman remains it almost feels as if they’ve never left. Well done, Alison, and good luck with both blogs!

  • Alison

    Thanks, Debbie. This new blog will enable to to let readers find out more about Roma Nova, the background, some of my inspiration for the books, as well as Roman topics. And I’m hoping to have interviews with some of the characters…