A good paranormal romantic thriller

I’ve  just read Jayne Ann Krentz’s Sizzle and Burn which I found on the local library shelves by accident.

The female protagonist, Raine,  is cut in a different mould to many other heroines – she’s tall, intelligent and independent, but her character avoids suffering from ‘goodgirlitis’.  Love interest Zack Jones is tough, sel-assured and pretty hot, but he does get it wrong here and there.  The chemistry between the two characters sparkles and their dialogue exchanges are strong and witty. Quite a lot of information has to be got across to Raine from Zack, who is a psychic investigator, but in general, the author avoids the fatal infodump.

The plot is strong, with a good surprise denouement. The book is dialogue-heavy so don’t expect a lot of flowery descriptions. Perhaps a little light, but very entertaining and enjoyable.

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