Via Domitia - the background

Several people have commented on the new look of this blog (which is lovely of them) and asked me about the background.

Of course, it’s a Roman road and in particular it’s the Via Domitia at Ambrussum, near Nimes in southern France. The Via Domitia provided a fast and sure link from Spain to Italy. […]

Constantly evolving…

You may notice that this my blog has changed a little. It’s going to change even more soon.

Like writing itself, blogs must evolve.

Go away, spammers!

My RNAConf10 posts seem to be attracting a lot of spam about handbags, singers, search engine optimization, sleeping disorder tips, auto loans and government grants.

My blog is about writing, writers, and books. Genuine comments are welcomed at all times with open arms; they enrichen the blog. Silly spam comments are not; it spoils it […]