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help pointMonday mornings I spend a little time catching up on my favourite blogs. Even if I spend an hour of writing time, I always pick up at least three new tips.

Today, from Your Writer Platform I found out about the marvellous editorial calendar for WordPress which I promptly installed. On the Smashwords blog, I learned about a new survey called Money, Money, Money — Facts & Figures for Financial Payoff.  And Joanna Penn gave us her thoughts on what we can learn from Dan Brown’s Inferno.

But how to draw the best from other blogs? I’ve sifted the thousands down to a few ones that give me specific help.
Yes, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find the prince/princess of blogs. Some tips on the way:

1. Check recommendations from people you trust, whether it’s from Twitter, Facebook, email ot the back of an ebook.

2. Read the blog for a few days and see if their links to other sites are helpful

3. Recognise your own information-gathering style – quick burst/analytical

4. Read long, informational blogs/book reviews at the end of the day

5.  Bookmark really useful blogs or you will forget what they’re called (guaranteed)

6. Interact, even if it’s only to say thank you


Do you do a blogwatch? Which are the ones you find most useful?


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