A brain flash…

Perhaps I’ve been a bit slow, but I had a light bulb moment when munching my croissant this morning.

I’ve been playing around with some ideas for a one-sentence ‘hook’ for my novel INCEPTIO and have been researching, scribbling, thinking about it over the past few days. Scanning the Radio Times at breakfast, I read the once sentence descriptions under each programme title. Particularly the dramas and films.

Law &Order
Van Buren sets a trap to find a businessman suspected of shooting a water inspector because of expensive bills.

The Perfect Storm
When skipper Billy Tyne sets out in the Andrea Gail to fish the Grand Banks of the North Atlantic, he has little idea that he and his crew are going to encounter a storm of unprecedented ferocity

Dad’s Army (film)
In 1940, with a German invasion threatened, the defence of Walmington-on-Sea is in the hands of Captain Mainwaring, the bank manager, and a motley collection of townspeople who make up the Local Defence Volunteers.

All there, isn’t it?

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