How well do you know your character? Part Deux

Following my previous post with questions to help you to dig down into your characters, here are a few more:

20.    Which schools did your character attend?
21.    How did they do at school?
22.    Did they have a nickname?
23.    Did they go on to university?
24.    What did they study?
25.    Why did they study it?
26.    What jobs have they done?
27.    Why do they do the job they do now?
28.    What job would they really like to do?
29.    What is their favourite place, and why?
30.    Describe their first kiss:
31.    Has your character been in love?
32.    How did the relationship(s) turn out?
33.    When was your character last scared, and what were they scared of?
34.    What is your character’s favourite colour, and why?
35.    What did your character dream the night before his/her story begins?
36.    Has your character ever had a recurrent dream/nightmare?
37.    What is your character’s favourite animal?
38.    What type of animal would your character be?
39.    Does your character have a pet?

Not always the easiest exercise, but worthwhile to work through to get to know your character really well.

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