The 3G Kindle has landed!

img_6912I’ve been given a fab birthday present – a 3G Amazon Kindle. Thank you, Steve xx

As a writer, I read a huge number of books; our house is groaning with them. As a plane passenger, it’s agonising trying to sift out the books to take (or, worse, leave behind). As a Luddite, it’s been a big decision to think about flirting with the dark side of electronic books.

But I’m having a ball, a ‘St Paul on the road to Damascus’ revelation. Already my paperback favourites are starting to look a tad quaint.

The clear screen and sharp type work in sunlight, under subdued light, in any light. I’ve already downloaded books and am finding them very easy to read. I’ve found no sense of distortion between the paper page and epage experiences.

As resident outside the UK, my buying channel is via Not quite sure whether or not that’s going to make any difference as the books I want appear on both and

I’ve explored the connectivity a little, but not very much beyond setting up and downloading books. When I go back to the UK, the download on demand anywhere feature will be an enormous benefit.

For a comprehensive review, including techie things, have a look at Steve’s blog post

Well, Captain Kirk, those handy little pads you read Enterprise crew reports on seem to have made it into the early 21st century.  😉

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